Develop Synonym Coding Google’s Python Developer Academy launches in Australia

Google’s Python Developer Academy launches in Australia

Google’s Developer Academy is coming to Australia.

The Python developer community is looking to launch the Google Developer Education program in Australia in a bid to fill a gap in the programming education sector.

The program is the first of its kind in the world.

“We’re delighted to partner with Google to offer Python developer education to Australians in a unique and engaging way,” said Scott Wiebe, Chief Technology Officer of Google Australia.

“It will give students the opportunity to learn more about Python in their daily lives through a range of activities and interactive activities.”

This year, over 150,000 Australians will take the Google Python Developer Education course, and the program will be launched at the Google Australia Campus, in Adelaide.

“Australia is the most technologically advanced country in the Western world, and we’re excited to bring this to our local community,” said Chris Linnell, Head of Python Education at Google.

The Google Python developer program will give participants the opportunity for hands-on hands-free coding, interactive learning and collaboration.

“Python has a great history and an even greater future,” Mr Linnill said.

“As Python continues to grow in popularity and adoption, the opportunity is to expand the reach of Python to a wider audience.”

With Python and the Google API, we can offer a range, including web development, database management and advanced database engineering.

“For those with the interest, we’ll have a free trial, and you can sign up now.”

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