Develop Synonym R&D How to stop the Zika crisis: the best thing to do

How to stop the Zika crisis: the best thing to do

How can you stop the global pandemic before it’s too late?

The answer lies in a very simple, very effective way: The best thing you can do.

The Zika virus, which is spreading through the Americas, has killed more than 400,000 people in the Americas and has been responsible for a record number of newborns and severe birth defects in the US.

And while many Americans are suffering from a mild, manageable strain of the virus, others are infected and may need to take measures to protect themselves.

The most important thing you could do, experts say, is to be proactive, to vaccinate your family members, and to get vaccinated immediately.

This is the most important advice they’ve ever given to me, says Dr. Jeffrey L. Fauci, chief of infectious diseases at the University of Minnesota, who is a physician and professor of medicine at the School of Medicine.

He also serves as an associate dean for the School.

“We don’t want to be a country where the best way to protect yourself is to have people who are in high risk groups, who are already sick,” Fauces said.

“We want to protect people, and that’s the key.

So, for instance, we need to vaccinating children and young people.”

The best way for you to protect your family member is to get a shot right away, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

But you can also be proactive by vaccinating your friends and family members.

If you know someone who has been infected, you can get them a shot, too.

And if you or someone you know is a health care professional, ask them to take a Zika test to find out if you have the virus.

The CDC recommends that you get two shots of the Zika vaccine.

The first dose is the “double dose,” or two doses in one shot.

The second dose is called the “single dose,” which means you only get one shot in your lifetime.

The double dose, which comes in a vaccine package, contains two doses of the vaccine.

For the single dose, the vaccine comes in two doses.

To get the vaccine, you must take the double dose first, and then the single.

If you or your family has not yet received your second dose of the two shots, the CDC recommends doing this by mid-March.

If your family is at high risk, the second dose could be given in two more doses.

You can do this by March 15, according the CDC.

If it is too late to do this, or you need to wait until you are older to get your second shot, the National Institutes of Health recommends that parents who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant can get two doses each of the four vaccines.

The other two vaccines can be taken at a time.

Fauces is among the leading experts on Zika, and he spoke with Buzzfeed about how to be one of the first to get the virus if you live in the United States.

To protect your loved ones, you need both a vaccine and an effective treatment to stop a new infection from developing, he said.

And to get both vaccines, you should also be vaccinated against the three strains of the disease, which are spread through sexual contact.

There are two ways to get two vaccines.

First, if you are pregnant, you will need to get all of your shots within a couple of weeks of getting the first shot.

You could do this with two shots or with one shot, depending on your state, Fauce said.

Second, you could also get a second shot after you have been vaccinated.

But this is not recommended, because it can cause side effects and it might take longer than usual to get it to the person who has the virus because it is more difficult to transport.

The second shot is called a “double shot,” and it comes in the vaccine package.

You have two doses, and the first dose comes in four shots.

If the first one is taken before you have your second vaccine, then you can take the second shot right before the first vaccine.

Second shots are administered at the same time as the first.

The vaccine is taken two to three weeks after the first vaccination, Fauer says.

Seconds of vaccine are not effective against other types of the infection.

The CDC advises people who have not yet had the vaccine to wait at least two weeks after getting the second vaccine.

This means you will get two injections and three weeks.

Second doses are not available at pharmacies.

But Fauceti says people should have their first shot with a doctor at home and then get their second shot at a clinic.

If both vaccines are taken at the clinic, then both are administered simultaneously.

People should wait at home for their second dose, then have it taken in a clinic, Faulce said, but this can be tricky, because the second shots are not ready for people who haven’t been vaccinated yet.

For those people, they