Develop Synonym Coding How to stop crime in your neighborhood

How to stop crime in your neighborhood

NEW YORK — The New York Police Department says it is taking steps to deter crime in its most troubled neighborhoods by hiring more officers to help enforce existing rules and develop new policies.

The NYPD says the hiring of 1,000 more officers is part of a series of steps the department has taken to address the issue of crime in areas where there are high numbers of murders and other violent crimes.

The announcement comes on the heels of a string of violent crimes in the city, including two killings of officers, and calls for more police officers to patrol the streets.

The hiring of the additional officers comes as police departments across the country are struggling to find new ways to address violent crime.

The department said Monday that it has hired more than 1,300 officers over the last two years, including 2,000 officers to work with community members and law enforcement to help them prevent and investigate crime.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said last week that his administration will work with other police departments to address what he called the “broken windows” approach.

The mayor said he has asked police to work closely with community organizations, police unions and local prosecutors, who are working to develop new strategies for dealing with crimes.

The NYPD said Monday it is currently consulting with the City Council and other state and local officials on the plan.