Develop Synonym Design What you need to know about the NHL’s new pro development plan

What you need to know about the NHL’s new pro development plan

The NHL is expanding its Professional Development Plan, which it unveiled Tuesday.

It will provide a new salary cap to the league and new incentives to teams.

The plan was initially announced by former NHL executive Rob Blake, who is now the NHL commissioner.

The NHLPA, which is comprised of players, management, and coaches, had called for a cap increase and said it was the NHL that needed to do more to increase the salary cap.

The new plan calls for a new cap of $70 million in 2018-19 and $70.3 million in 2019-20.

Teams will be able to make $1.6 million more per year in the next three seasons.

The team owners have been asked to spend $2 billion over four years to help create a new professional sports league, and the league said that the $1 billion is intended to be spent “in the next five years, as required by law.”

The plan also includes the expansion of the NHL Network to 13 different markets.

The network will be owned by a separate company, a division of Comcast, and will provide “broad access to a growing array of global sporting events, including concerts, sporting events and major sporting events at other NHL cities.”

The NHL Network will include the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Stanley Cups, the NHL All-Star Game, the All-star weekend, the International Ice Hockey Federation World Championship and the NHL Awards.

The league will also provide its full-season schedule for the 2017-18 season.

There are no changes to the team ownership rules, which will remain the same.

The salary cap will not change for next season, and teams will still be able make $2 million more each year.

Teams can make up to $1 million per year from players, $1,500 per year to the NHLPA and $1 for every team employee.

The cap is set to rise from $70-million to $75-million in 2019.

This year, the salary floor for teams will be $65 million.