Develop Synonym Coding How to run Android on a Raspberry Pi (and beyond)

How to run Android on a Raspberry Pi (and beyond)

There’s no doubt that the Raspberry Pi is the best platform for running Android on the Raspberry.

But what’s the best way to get started with it?

The answer, according to Rob Pike, the founder of developer console software company Roblox, is to use an existing Raspberry Pi computer.

That means a $30 Raspberry Pi 2 (or higher) and a cheap desktop PC running the latest version of Ubuntu Linux.

While the Raspberry can run a lot of Android apps, it also has limited graphical capabilities and can only run one operating system at a time.

That leaves many of its capabilities open to apps, which can take advantage of the Pi’s many CPU cores.

And the Raspberry also comes with some powerful computing hardware.

For example, Pike’s $30 Roblux development kit has 8GB of RAM and a Nvidia Tegra X1 GPU that can run an Android app with full GPU acceleration.

Roblix also has a handful of apps that work with the Pi that run on the desktop or mobile.

And because Roblax is primarily focused on developing for Android, it offers a number of free and paid development tools to help users develop their own apps for the Raspberry or use the Pi as a server.

Here’s how you can get started.