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What is infant development?

A baby’s brain develops gradually, so as to achieve a degree of independence that is more or less equal to that of an adult.

The process starts with the brain, which is an organ with a limited number of neurons and cells.

As babies grow older, these cells shrink, leading to a loss of their capacity for growth.

When the brain reaches the age of five or six, the cells of the adult brain begin to divide.

These cells are known as neural stem cells, or NSCs.

When these NSC cells divide, they form new neurons, called astrocytes, which become part of the brain.

Eventually, as a child grows older, the brain and the astrocerte become fused, resulting in a more developed and functional brain.

The brain and astrocetes, along with other parts of the body, develop into the spinal cord, spinal cord and nervous system, the final stage of brain development.

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