Develop Synonym Operation When California lawmakers vote on water savings legislation

When California lawmakers vote on water savings legislation

By Jennifer Pritchard-Bennett, The Associated PressCalifornia lawmakers on Wednesday will vote on a water savings measure that would slash the amount of water needed to irrigate crops.

The measure is sponsored by Sen. Joel Anderson, D-Los Angeles, who has said he will introduce legislation this year to help rural communities that have faced a lack of water resources.

It would provide more than $400 million in federal assistance to water-efficient, water-saving technology.

Anderson is the top Republican on the Senate Agriculture Committee.

Democrats on the panel, meanwhile, have said they will oppose the measure.

The bill’s supporters say it will reduce the amount the state has to use to irrigating crops.

California has spent more than a billion dollars in drought relief since 2012, and the drought has prompted calls for the state to diversify water sources.

But Anderson said the drought isn’t over.

The state is running out of water, he said.