Develop Synonym R&D How to get out of the ‘development hell’ that is development services

How to get out of the ‘development hell’ that is development services

The developer community has been dealing with a lot of pain in the last year, with a series of massive fires and shutdowns and a slow recovery.

But there is one area where the community can find comfort and solace: the new Apple-owned development services platform.

“I think it’s great to see it coming to the masses,” said Steve Shaffer, founder and CEO of ios development services company iosDevs.

Shaffer is one of many developers who have been working on the new platform, which is expected to roll out in the coming months.

The company will be providing a developer platform to all developers to get their projects off the ground, he said.

This means there will be an equal playing field, he explained, which will mean more opportunities for smaller developers to grow their businesses.

That will mean there will also be opportunities for the bigger companies that have been stuck in the development hell, like Apple, Shaffer said.

“The more we can get our projects on the ground the more likely we are to see that people will start getting their projects funded,” he said, adding that this will also help to keep developers focused on the important things in life, like the kids, their homes and their families.

There will also also be a more flexible development service model, which can be tailored to a developer’s needs and budget, he added.

The developer platform is expected come to life this summer and will be open to developers to test and try out before it launches in 2018.

Apple is the first major company to officially commit to supporting the development platform.

The company is partnering with iosDeveloper to make it available to developers as a service, which could mean that developers will be able to choose whether or not they want to make the platform available for free or pay for it.

According to Shaffer the goal is to have a wide range of developers using the platform, including small developers, as well as big companies and large ones.

“I feel like the company is really taking this very seriously,” he told Fox News.

“They are really taking a big step forward with the platform.

It’s not just a service that you can purchase, you can use it for free.

It is a real service that allows you to have more control over what your projects are and what your funding is going to be.”

Shafer also believes Apple is doing a great job of making sure developers are receiving the right help to get off the development grind.

“It’s definitely an open platform,” he explained.

“There’s no hidden fees or anything like that.

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes.

I’m really excited about that.”