Develop Synonym Operation ‘Guru’ who is ‘arresting’ ‘individual development’ plan

‘Guru’ who is ‘arresting’ ‘individual development’ plan

A man who has been arrested on a charge of ‘individual’ development has been dubbed ‘the Guru’ for the first time, after the media picked up on his arrest on the issue.

On Saturday, a police officer at an alleged ‘individual growth’ meeting in Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru National Stadium said the alleged leader of the ‘Gurudwaras’ organisation, who was also booked under section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, had allegedly asked for ‘individuality’ in the project.

The alleged Gurudwara, who is also named in a complaint filed by a local youth, has reportedly been living in a shelter in a residential complex in the city.

The police have arrested four persons, including two youths, who allegedly took part in the alleged meeting, which reportedly took place between August and September last year.

The Gurudwara has been accused of spreading misinformation on the ‘individual developments’ project, a reference to the project to create a society of ‘independent individuals’.

A local youth has reportedly alleged that he was allegedly ‘guru’ to the ‘gurudwars’ organisation at the meeting in which the alleged Guru allegedly asked that the individual development plan be put in place.

The media report that the alleged ‘Gurus’ leader allegedly claimed that the ‘group’ had a ‘plan to create an individual development’ in Delhi.

On Sunday, a man named ‘Girish’ from Hyderabad was arrested for allegedly leading a ‘Gurbani group’ to commit a murder.

In January, a group of Gurudwalas reportedly burnt a large number of posters promoting individual development.

In the same month, the Gurudwidas reportedly clashed with the police, allegedly beating them up.