Develop Synonym Design Google Releases AWS Developer Certification Requirements for Java Developers

Google Releases AWS Developer Certification Requirements for Java Developers

Google announced today that its developer certification program has now expanded to all developers and provides the following requirements for developers: * A minimum of 2 years of Java experience * A master’s degree in Java, preferably a computer science or computer engineering degree with a specialization in software development * 3 years of experience with Java in production environment * A proven ability to write, maintain and test software for a variety of platforms * A strong understanding of the Java language and best practices for its implementation and deployment * A desire to contribute to open source projects * A keen interest in the Java community and its culture and its role in shaping technology and the world * An ability to effectively work in teams, and a commitment to fostering the growth of the open source community * An understanding of how to use Google’s tools to build and scale infrastructure with a minimum of time and effort, including Java, C++, and Python * A clear understanding of Google’s Open Source Definition (OSS) guidelines, and the appropriate tools for their use, including Google’s CI tools, Stackoverflow and Google Cloud Stack.

The certification program is available to new and existing Java developers, as well as existing Java users, for $25,000 in annual funding.

Google announced the changes earlier this month.

The announcement follows Google’s announcement of an open source certification program for developers, which will begin in February.

The new certification program will be funded through the $5.7 billion Google Cloud Foundation (GCF), which Google announced last year to be used to build infrastructure for Google Apps and Google Services.

Google Cloud Platform is the foundation for Google’s cloud computing platform.

The GCF is also the foundation of Google Apps for Education.