Develop Synonym Coding Africa development bank to be renamed as African Development Bank

Africa development bank to be renamed as African Development Bank

African Development bank,Africa Development Bank, is a global development bank that seeks to develop the continent and help countries meet their economic, social and environmental development needs.

The news comes as the bank is under increasing pressure to address the growing gender gap in the development world.

It is a topic that has long been a source of controversy among African leaders, who have accused the bank of being too male-dominated and of ignoring the needs of women and girls.

Its new name, the African Development Forum, is intended to address those concerns and highlight the bank’s efforts to address gender gaps.

“The purpose of the name is to bring to the forefront the important role played by African women in Africa,” said Kofi Annan, the U.N. secretary-general who is African Development’s executive board chairman.

“I would like to acknowledge that our women are among the most dynamic and innovative individuals in Africa and that their contributions have been recognised by many.”

The bank was founded in 2002 by African leaders in the wake of the genocide in Rwanda and in response to the U:S.-led war in neighboring Congo.

The bank is currently headquartered in New York.

The bank’s website notes that it is a private company and does not have any formal governmental role.

But the bank says it is committed to gender equality.

“It is also critical that women and other gender-diverse groups have access to the full range of banking services and tools that enable them to pursue their economic and social development goals,” the bank website says.

The new name is part of a broader effort by African governments and private investors to tackle gender-based inequality, especially in the financial sector, the bank said.

The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have all said that African countries must address the gender gap by opening more banks.

The Africa Development Bank has said it hopes to raise $2 billion over the next two years for women’s financial inclusion.